Friday, February 10, 2017

Favorite Series

My favorite series is Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is a series about several different Kingdoms during the late Medieval times. It first came out in 2011 but I did not start watching it until 2015. All of the kingdoms in the show are somehow connected through a person or a past event. There is lots of war as well as conquering. My favorite Character is Khaleesi and my other favorite character is John Snow. I have had several other characters that i liked that died on the show. The producers will write off whoever they want whenever they want no matter how important the character is. There are 7 kingdoms altogether each one under the control of the Iron Throne. There is Winterfell, the Vale, the Stormlands, the Reach, the Westerlands, the Iron Islands, and Dorne. They are unified as Westeros and slightly under the control of the family which holds the Iron Throne. It is hard to give the general plot because something different is happening in each kingdom but what happens in one kingdom usually affects another. The series Game of Thrones is based of the first novel in the book series A Song of Ice and Fire.

 Since Khaleesi is my favorite character I will tell you about her story. Khaleesi's real name is Daenerys Targaryen her family recently lost their position on the Iron throne. So her and her older brother live in exile. Her older brother, Viserys, is abusive and cruel. He makes Khaleesi mary another ruler of a different house, named Khal Drogo. So that Viserys can try to regain the Iron Throne. But Khaleesi becomes happy with her new family and abandons her brother who then is killed. She has a child and ends up losing him and her husband after they both pass away. After that she is accused of killing them and sent away. She then decides to go out on her own to reclaim the throne herself. That is all I can say with out ruining it but that is my favorite series it is very entertaining and keeps shocking you throughout the entire series.

Friday, October 21, 2016

                                              My music

I usually listen to most music but my favorite music is hip-hop. My favorite artists are Halsey, The Chainsmokers, Lana Del Ray, and Beyonce as well. My favorite songs of Halsey's are Gasoline and Hurricane. From Lana Del Ray my personal favorites are Off to the Races, Video games, and Blue Jeans. The songs I like the most from The Chainsmokers are Roses, Don't let me Down, and Closer, which I love the song Roses and I have probably listened to it about 100 times. Beyonce one of the other artists I like sings a lot of good songs but I like I was here and Best thing I never had. I honestly don't listen to that much music, because I don't have that much time after school. But out of the music I do listen to those are just a few of my favorites.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Reflection on Place and Culture

I am Filipino, Scottish, and English. My Grandma on my Dads side is Filipino and was born and raised in the Philippines and knows tagalog. My dad's dad is Scottish and was born and raised the U.S. so my dad is half Filipino and half Scottish and my mom is English and German. Making me a quarter Filipino, a quarter Scottish, a quarter German, and a quarter English. I am most influenced by Filipino culture because my grandma makes lots of Filipino foods like lumpia, pancit, chicken adobo, and sou pao, which is my favorite. My other grandma does not make German food. My Filipino grandma is now teaching me tagalog which is very different form the English language. It would be very hard for me to reach out to my cousins in the Philippines because many words, or phrases, would be lost in translation. I don't have much cultural influence from my mom's side of the family. Because the last two generations before my mom's parents were already in the U.S. so they were not influenced by their original culture but by American culture.

All About Me

        Hi my name is Madeline Jay Cox, I am 15 years old and go to Fortuna High School. I have three younger siblings and live in northern California where I have lived my whole life. I have played volleyball, track, soccer, and basketball, but I am currently doing Cross country. Cross country is running and my team and I practice everyday running from 2 to 5 miles, our races are 3 miles each. My favorite sport is track, which is a spring sport, in track I run two races the 400 meter race and the 200 meter race. I spend most of my time outside of school spending time with my family and friends and also doing sports. I have 4 pets a dog, two cats, and a rabbit, the dog is my brothers and one of the cats is my sisters. My siblings are all younger than me, I have a brother Bo who is 13 and twin sisters Allie and Chloe who are 10 years old. In the future I would like to go to UC Davis or Cal Poly for college and I would also like to travel around the world. Right now I'm only sophomore in high school and I can't wait to see what this world has in store for me.